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Multiple sclerosis
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Nutrients for Memory is a book that lets you know which
dietary and nutrient changes worked to reduce memory
problems in the Hawaii Dementia Prevention Trial. As you
can see from the graph, memory problems were
better after the 9-month trial.






Parkinsonís Disease is a book that summarizes our research
on reducing symptoms by altering diet. You can learn which
contaminants in which foods are destroying dopamine-producing
brain cells. Neuroprotection is the key to slowing the
progression of Parkinsonís disease.


Mastering Migraines is a book that summarizes our
research on dietary techniques to reduce the
frequency and severity of migraine headaches.

Phone: (808) 280-6894
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Our Distinguished Supporters:

Pat Borman, MD
Director, Center for Healthy Aging, Memory and Brain Health

Paul Adapon, MD

Neuroscience Research & Clinical Trials

Thomas Harding, PsyD


Panida Piboolnurak, MD

Movement disorder neurologist

Brenda Davis, RD

Clinical Nutrition Specialist

John Patrick Murphy, Esq.
Gold Supporter


Neuroscience Nutrition Foundation

Catherine Blake


Steve Blake, ScD

Research Director


Why our research is different

First of all: Do no harm

All of our dietary and nutritional
suggestions use safe foods and
nutrients with only helpful side effects.


New information

We are discovering new nutritional
approaches to neurologic disorders
by combing worldwide scientific and
medical journals.



Brain cell loss is a leading contributor
to neurodegenerative diseases. We
are finding ways to protect our brain
cells, including antioxidant polyphenols.


Risk reduction

Certain foods may trigger migraines.
Certain foods harbor contaminants
that can kill dopamine-producing
brain cells. We are finding ways to
reduce further brain damage and shrinkage.


Essential nutrients

Certain nutrients are known to be
necessary for the brain and may be
lacking in some diets. We are
identifying these nutrients and
making sure that they are present.


Help us continue our care

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Grand Rounds:

Parkinsonís disease, Castle Medical Center, CME.

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Doctors Assín CME Annual Conference

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Boston Medical & UH Medical School.


Public lectures:

289 recent lectures: Alzheimerís,
Hawaii Dementia Prevention Trial,
Stroke risk reduction,
Cooking for Brain Power,
Parkinsonís disease,
Migraine prevention and relief,
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Epilepsy and flavonoids,
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Patient trainings

448 clinical patient education sessions at
Castle Medical Center and St. Francis, Liliha.


Hawaii Dementia Prevention Trial:

Authored the nutritional protocols

Ran the trial for two years

HADEPT recipe book
Successfully battled dementia


Phone: (808) 280-6894
Neuroscience Nutrition Foundation
P O Box 81426

Haiku, HI 96708

Please Support our Ongoing Research and Education to
Protect your Brain